How did March Madness viewers feel while viewing the tournament?

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March Madness 2nd Insight (3)

RealityMine have used a selection of tools to measure the behavior, emotions, media consumption and brand recognition of March Madness viewers. This infographic visualizes the insights that we have drawn from the data and the tools that we used to collect the data.

How did March Madness viewers feel while viewing the tournament?

Data concerning the the behavior, emotions and media consumption of sport fans was collected via the USA TouchPoints eDiary tool on a half hourly basis. Through analysing this data we learnt that viewers of Sports programs felt contented more frequently than any other emotion. Happiness was also a highly reported. Under 35s were happier when watching March Madness than the older age groups. 35% of the time, those under 35 said they felt happy, compared to just 5% of those above 35 years of age.

Which March Madness commercial was the most memorable?

Through our audio fingerprint technology tool, MediaTrak, we were able to detect when sport viewers were exposed to commercials and how memorable ads were to sport viewers.

We found that Buffalo Wild Wings had the highest level of unaided recall among March Madness viewers. This creative was relevant to the NCAA tournament which was most likely a factor in the high recall.

Where did people view the tournament and who did they view with?

38% of tournament viewers watched sport alone. 20% of people viewed the games with a partner and 13% with children indicating that although solo viewing dominates, family viewing is also popular.  51% of over 35s chose to view sport alone, however only 24% of under 35s chose to view sport alone. An overwhelming majority of sport fans viewed sport at home.

How was media consumed during March Madness?

Selection Sunday recorded the highest proportion of viewers for March Madness. While TV viewing and mobile usage tend to go hand-in-hand radio opportunities seem to spike after Selection Sunday once the tournament begins.

How did people view the tournament?

USA TouchPoints e-diary data confirmed that 84% of March Madness viewers watched the games live, the remaining 16% was through streaming media. The most popular TV Network to view sport on was CBS.

What do sport fans snack on during viewing?

Panelists were asked about their snacking behaviour on a half hourly basis via USA TouchPoints eDiary tool. We found that sweet and savory snacks are almost equally popular among sports viewers with 51% of viewers choosing sweet treats and 49% choosing to snack on savory food during sport viewing. The most popular snack was cookies, with 16% of all sport viewers tucking into the treats while viewing the action.

*Analysis based on data collected from USA TouchPoints for a group of 478 panelists from around the United States between March 18th and 24th. RealityMine used MediaTrak audio fingerprint technology, mobile passive behavior tools and USA TouchPoints data to monitor participants’ mobile use and daily activities.