July 4th is one of the biggest holidays in America, and an opportunity for advertisers and brands to drive sales through good consumer targeting. The National Retail Federation estimated that households would spend an average of $71.23 in 2015 on barbecues and picnics – up from $68.18 in 2014. July 4th Fireworks are also big business, with the average customer spending between $100 and $300 on fireworks alone.

Using Realitymine’s TouchPoints eDiary and passive mobile data, we were able to drill down in to the detail of how a typical American spent July 4th 2015. The infographic below shows what they were doing, who were they with, where they were and how they felt.

We’ve also included some of the most popular search terms from all our panelists on Saturday, giving a picture of what the USA is looking for on Independence Day.

According to our data, most Americans spent this national holiday at home (61%) although celebrating at someone else’s house (10%) and outdoors away from home (7%) were also popular. Being a very family orientated, social holiday, most spent the day with children (24%) a partner (27%) and other family members, like parents and siblings, as well as friends. Many Americans did make a journey, either locally or to an out of town location and 72% of those who travelled did so by car.

July 4th 2015


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