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Battle of the sexes: How is the Opposite Gender Multi-Tasking Television

By January 6, 2015 No Comments

Gender differences in second screeningPsychologists finally have an answer to the age old question of “are women better than multi-tasking than men?” – according to recent studies the answer is ‘Yes’. Armed with the findings women have a greater capacity for multi-tasking than men, RealityMine set out to investigate whether this fact rings true for second screen device use among television viewers. What are the gender differences in multi-screening?

Using USA TouchPoints e-diary data, we have analysed data surrounding the device consumption of both males and females viewing various genres of TV. The findings of this study confirmed that women are more likely to multi-task while watching TV, by using another device during viewing – this was the case across all television genres.

Our analysis revealed that Dramas, Reality TV and Sitcoms appeal more to women; whereas News and Sports are ranked higher in reach among men. Our Passive Mobile Behavior Tracking indicated that multi-tasking with Mobile is a more popular option for women, where they are also more likely to use Social and Game apps than Men – particularly during Reality TV and Drama genres.