White Paper

Advertising Amidst March Madness

By March 7, 2014 No Comments


With March Madness gaining momentum in viewership and ad spend over the recent years, advertisers now have a golden avenue in live sports to tap into other than Super Bowl. RealityMine has teamed up with Spark in Chicago to conduct a study to help advertisers better understand March Madness viewer behavior so advertising spend may be maximized.

In this white paper, we aim to identify: the level of viewer engagement for this particular sporting event; when the engagement begins; and most importantly, how viewers are moving across the entire media landscape via different platforms and information sources while absorbing other content as well. The latter is unrivaled with our analysis into the role of social media and device choice for these viewers.

Additionally, we were also able to pinpoint viewers’ emotions and the findings enable advertisers to think about how to articulate the mood or tone for future campaigns to improve receptivity.