RealityMine was founded in April 2012 by mobile veteran Garry Partington and market research expert Rolfe Swinton to address the huge, yawning gap in understanding consumer behaviour: what are people actually doing on their mobile phones? Whilst the smartphone had become the device of choice for the world to access the internet, researchers had to rely on either famously unreliable recalled behaviour, or broad-brush census level data to understand the role of the mobile device in individual consumers’ digital lifestyles. What adverts are people seeing on their mobile? What videos are they watching? How do they browse and buy online? What apps are they using and when? These simple questions remained unanswered.

Since our inception, RealityMine has been adopted as the partner of choice for the world’s most forward looking and innovative market research agencies, and our services are now live in more than 20 countries around the world. RealityMine is trusted to provide individual level mobile usage data at industry standard levels globally because RealityMeter is the most comprehensive data collection tool available. RealityMine’s technologies are supported in any language and on all major operating systems. RealityMeter can be deployed at scale on research panels, or discreetly for tactical custom projects, with RealityMine working as your trusted partner at every stage.

The company is headquartered in Manchester, England with additional offices in London and Sydney, and serves clients globally.

Clients include Kantar, IPSOS, Intage, MediaMetrie and Mediascope.

Policies and Procedures

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