2016 Degree Apprenticeships at RealityMine

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In 2015, we paired with MMU and their Digital & Technology Solutions Apprenticeships Programme and welcomed apprentices to work with us and earn their degree. The first year was such a huge success that we’re ready to take on our new apprentices for 2016!

What’s the Programme About?

The apprenticeship programme is a new way of earning a degree, supported by the government, by mixing academic with practical to learn in a real workplace environment. It’s a four year course in total, and students earn a BSc Hons in Digital and Technology Solutions upon completion.

This programme aims to create skilled young individuals to fill the current gaps in the candidate job pool. The scheme was constructed by E-skills, major employers and leading universities to address the skills gap in IT by providing these young apprentices with invaluable qualities for their future careers.

The programme consists of a core curriculum where it will teach technology, business, project and IT skills, and focus on IT in business. The students spend one day a week at Manchester Metropolitan University, attending lectures and seminars. In addition to this, the scheme takes into account the difference of interests of these young minds – offering a technical or more business minded route.

The programme is exciting for all parties, and is being supported by the government as an alternative way to gain a degree. Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to offer higher level education with no fees – with two thirds of the tuition fees being paid by the government, and the final third being paid by RealityMine.

What Did Our 2015 Apprentices Have to Say?

The best people to hear from isn’t us, it’s our apprentices — so we’ve asked them to sum up their time here at RealityMine.

This programme really appealed to me because of the offer of learning through experience.

With an apprenticeship, it’s a challenging job that will keep you busy during work hours, and help you learn more than you could imagine. One of the most enjoyable parts is being able to choose what I want to do next. I can choose to work in the BI team, App team, or to work on another project. It’s a very cool amount of freedom to have at your job.

The projects I've worked on have been the most educational. I didn't have to sit all day with a book, or in front of a computer to learn PHP, Angular or SQL. I’ve learnt everything working practically. I've also really enjoyed CodeClub. Basically we’re helping children of 10 or 11 to learn more about coding.

On top of that, I really enjoy RealityMine. I found the employees friendly and fun - and the culture is still growing. One of the best things is that you can see how you develop yourself, and how you bring more value to the table each month.

George Doru2015 Apprentice

I saw this programme and decided to apply as there really is no other course out there like this one. It offers students such a huge amount of experience and opportunities. Learning and gaining experience through work that I actually enjoy doing was the perfect combination for me!

The course so far has been so enjoyable due to the projects and the people who have been part of it. It was a challenge, but really enjoyable. I’ve had experience with some really interesting programming projects such as creating the iOS Crash Log Dashboard, as well as seeing the Scrum methodology work in a business environment.

At RealityMine, you have a mentor to support you and to ensure that your time here is valuable. The projects that you will work on all contribute to the business, so even as an apprentice you are made to feel valuable to the company.

It’s great to work at RealityMine, it’s a fun atmosphere and everyone’s friendly. It’s relaxed, but with really hard working and focused people around you. It really motivates you to do well.

Bruce To2015 Apprentice

Join Us in 2016!

RealityMine understands that academia isn’t the route for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the chance at a higher level of education. From our 2015 intake, we’ve seen two bright young students flourish and progress amazingly through their course, and we’re excited to see what (and who!) 2016 brings!

If this programme looks like something you’d be interested inor if you know someone who might be interested – read more here, or contact us directly at