Passive Metrics Across a Broad Range of Devices and Platforms

RealityMine’s Audience Measurement Platform (RAMP) incorporates a suite of unique tools and technologies providing a comprehensive package ideally suited to gaining a deep level of understanding of a target audience. The audience measurement suite comprises of an industry leading passive metering suite capable of cross-platform and cross-device measurement of over 150 individual data points, as well as audio content recognition technology and in-home monitoring.

Cross-Media Measurement

Facilitating single-source, cross-media measurement across desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, we ensure that our core capabilities of these devices are measured, including application and internet usage. Furthermore, through the use of audio content recognition, not only can you understand how a target audience uses their everyday devices, but you can also understand which TV stations or online streaming services are viewed along with exposure to off-platform advertising.

Home Monitoring Solutions

With RealityMine’s innovative home monitoring solution, we enable you to measure internet usage for all devices in a household, including smart TVs and games consoles, providing unique insight into in-home usage and exposure. RealityMine’s Audience Measurement suite also allows you the ability to understand online advertising exposure and video streaming, identifying and providing insight into OTT media consumption.

Markets Served

We work with some of the largest media and market research agencies, as well as advertisers and the broadcast industry, to expand and diversify our reach. This allows us to provide greater insights into viewership via traditional and OTT media, more comprehensive path-to-purchase analysis, and a wider range of ‘day-in-the-life’ consumer insights. Check out some of our findings from major sporting events including the Super BowlMarch Madness, the World Cup and the Olympics, for example.

Today, we manage or support studies in more than 20 countries spanning North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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