Develop Highly Targeted, Effective and Efficient Media Campaigns

Utilising RealityMine’s patented single-source, cross-media passive behavioural with integrated attitudinal survey measurement, media agencies can develop highly targeted, effective and efficient media campaigns.

Identify simultaneous cross-device behaviours that positively or negatively impact content and ad recall.
Merge RealityMine’s targeted data with MRI, Simmons, TGI or other third party data to optimise campaign ROI.
Identify who, what, where, when and how consumers are utilising media to pinpoint targeted marketing opportunities.
Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your media campaign in-flight.
Analyse the synergistic effect of on- and offline media; target your media spend to maximise reach and frequency.
Provide a 360 degree view of media consumption — both on and offline.
Increase campaign effectiveness by integrating consumers’ emotional state throughout the day, as well as its impact on purchase behaviour.

Available daily via Metis, Nielsen IMS, MRI Reporter, Telmar or your own proprietary media planning and optimisation platform, RealityMine’s single-source, cross-media data provides marketers with in-depth insights to optimise clients’ media campaigns.

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