Collect Data, Analyse Results, and Capture Meaningful Insights

RealityMine’s data and technology fuels the service offerings of many of today’s major global market research organisations.

Our state-of-the-art, patented mobile and online measurement technologies capture both consumers’ online and offline media consumption, lifestyle and product purchase behaviours, helping our research partners solve the complex needs of their clientele. Furthermore, our single-source, cross-media passive measurement with attitudinal survey research is made available in easy to use formats to ensure a simple and successful integration with your analysis platforms.

To date, we have tracked more than 1.8 million devices using our powerful suite of management tools, data collectors, and data processing capabilities.

The term, ‘RealityMine Behavioural Analytics’ refers to the collection, management, analysis and strategic leverage of granular digital data about the behaviour(s) of individuals across all digital platforms. There are several features that distinguish RealityMine Behavioural Analytics from other types of data collection and analysis, as follows.


RealityMine’s primary focus is on observed behavioural patterns supplemented with other data elements from location information, surveys, profile data, etc.


RealityMine allows you to understand all about how respondents’ behaviours manifest themselves over time, and how they change according to their circumstances.


Marketers, big data scientists, software developers, media, researchers — all of the above can work with our data, our analytics, and the rich outputs that support their work.


We combine behavior from multiple measurement systems, measuring activity across a person’s mobile device, tablet, PC, television, radio, etc. — and measure it by location, time and more — doing so at the individual level.


We have built a true single-source data collection methodology, collecting data from one person across all of their devices at a defined time.

Broadly Applicable and Industry Agnostic

Be it consumers or business professionals, we measure all and can slice the data with any particular research focus.

Context-Aware Data Capture 

We can push specific research tasks to a given respondent in real-time based on their specific context, allowing you to understand in more detail exactly what someone is doing and why.

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