Our experience in your industry makes all the difference between simply knowing and truly understanding your needs for consumer insights.

Media Agencies

Gain insight into where consumers are, who they are with, how they are feeling, and what they are doing when thinking about buying, actually buying or exposed to advertising.

Media Owners

Gain access to granular day-in-the-life insights, path-to-purchase analysis, measurement of media advertising exposure, emotional measurement, and cross-media and second screening audience flows.

Market Research Partners

We enable market research organisations across the world to manage their panel, collect the data, and analyse the results — creating meaningful insights through our world class market research technologies.

Why choose us?

We provide…

We enable you to…

  • In-depth analytical insights
  • Digital and real-life consumer behaviour
  • Single-source research panels
  • Unique, consumer-centric media data sets
  • Measure what people think they do
  • Measure what people actually do
  • Measure where they are
  • Measure who they are with
  • Measure their digital activity
  • Measure the media they are exposed to
  • Measure how they feel throughout their path to purchase